MY STORY - from anemia to self-acceptance and true health

Today I'm a certified Personal Trainer, sponsored athlete, published Fitness Model and published Fitness Photographer. 

But it hasn't always been like this. At all.

I have been suffering of a really severe form of anemia since I was 11 years old, I have been recovered in a hospital multiple times in order to get iron infusions, since my body couldn't retain it. I was constantly feeling weak and exhausted. I was the girl who never liked to workout (I was totally unable to), I've never been into sports and in high school I was done after the warm-up. I literally couldn't even do the stairs without feeling like dying. During college in Milan I tried to enroll in a gym, but without a trainer and nutritional knowledge (plus my anemia) I was just one of those people who have absolutely no idea of what they are doing. Sounds familiar? I never got any type of result (obviously). In the meanwhile, I kept developing disordered eating behaviors (binging and then compulsively dieting or working out, fear of food that wasn't prepared by me), I became scared of social situations because they made me lose control, I kept being stuck in the compulsive binging-burning cycle and I became completely exhausted.

Not to mention that being a photographer, I've been living my entire life from my head up. I was COMPLETELY DISCONNECTED from my body. 

American food is REALLY different from Italian food. Really different. So when I moved to California, things got even worse. I gained more weight and my health was really compromised. I was really confused about what to do. I really reached a low point in my life and I realized I needed a radical change. I needed to commit to my health.

I started a Herbalife meal plan (as a client) after seeing a friend getting great results. That opened to me an unbelievable fitness and health journey. 

2 years later, I am no longer anemic, I lift weights on a daily base, I follow intuitive eating principles, I feel a deep strong connection with my body and I can even dare to do endurance races and my heart won't go crazy. That's priceless for me.

It's been a journey of self-love, self-acceptance and constant work on myself.

It's not about supplementation, it's not about weightlifting, it's not about a number on a scale.

It's about your thoughts and beliefs around working out and around food. And of course, about knowledge.

When you switch your perception from "appearance" to "health", that's where the magic starts to happen. When you start showing up for your well-being and not for the mirror.



I had incredible coaches and mentors that supported me (and still supports me) through my journey and from 2014 I started contributing and helping people all around the world to fall in love with themselves again.

If you are ready for a chance, you had enough of stupid diets and 30 days squat challenges, if you wanna build a balanced lifestyle and get free from the food obsession, reach out!

I've supported hundreds of people worldwide to get spiritually and physically in shape, to find peace and to love themselves while getting healthy.

My mission is to show that passion for fitness and body positivity can happily coexist. 

You don't have to hate your body during the process. You don't have to be happy WHEN.. "you lose 20lbs, you get toned, you fit in those jeans again, you lift more weight." You can't hate yourself in a version you'll love. You can let go of self-judgement now.

I know it might be scary. But that's ok. I was scared too, but time will pass anyway. So let's create something powerful in the meantime ;)

Contact me today for a free consultation and let's talk about your health!